X Y CNC Plotter

-Built a simple X Y plotter out of a couple of old scanners, also wrote the controler software for the machine. It was definately a learning experience. Here you can see it in action, unfortunately its writing so lightly on the paper you can't really see that its spelling "CNC" in cursive. I'll change the pencil over to a pen and upload another video when I get a chance.

-Putting it together was pretty easy the tough part was writing the code. I ended up just writing a simple program that takes a text file with space delimited coordinates and sends the appropriate signals to the stepper motors at the right times. So now I can take a polyline from a cad application, send the coordinate info to a text file and run it.

-Based on what I've learned getting this simple project up and running I want to build a cnc machine capable of working aluminum and wood. It should be pretty easy to modify the controler program to include z axis coordinates.

side view

front view

Useful Links

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